"CLEAR AS_* provides clarity for insecure businesses in a scientific environment with an expert voice, helping them feel enlightened and confident."

This above snippet is the direct result of one of the modules of our program. This is not a refined mission but it put our idea in words and gave us a clear understanding of the character and intention of our own brand.

Here is what it means:

CLEAR AS_* was founded to cultivate objective clarity as the critical component in creating reality, and to establish a new standard in business development. Designed for small & medium sized businesses and service providers, CLEAR AS_* aims to become the authority on Reality Creation. 

We dissolve boundaries by connecting the domains of business, science, philosophy and secular mindfulness.

CLEAR AS_* aims to eliminate the guesswork in business & brand development: We apply the scientific method to constantly advance our proven process in order to generate applicable, predictable and repeatable results.



My name is Christoph Haase and I'm the founder of CLEAR AS_*. After working on both, national and international campaigns as an art director in advertising, I decided to get involved in my family’s business to run it and eventually take it over. I spent years of being embedded in a stalling corporate environment that identified itself with a glorified past and was at odds with its confused outlook into the future. The distress I experienced when trying to run this aimless, anxious venture drove me to rethink business as a whole and my company in particular. I decided to rebrand – to unearth my own values and ambitions in order to uncover the corresponding parts in my company’s DNA and grow a resilient organization from this strong core.

I subsequently transformed the business into my vision of “The Company of The Future”, a process that turned the company into a poster child for innovative organizational structures and made it a widely noticed and publicized pioneer of the new work movement. This corporate metamorphosis was a cathartic process that led to a completely new, sometimes violently dynamic system, that shed what was stubborn and static to attract what was noncompliant and dynamic.

It was this time when I experienced the power of a clear and honest brand core. I realized that branding works not only as a one directional tool to communicate but also the other way around, as a means to sculpt a business from the inside out. In fact, it was only this clarity that gave me the confidence I needed to grow a brand that was able to positively impact all stakeholders alike.

The unpremeditated departure from my creation left me empty handed but proud, and the company finally financially stable and with a brand stronger and with more potential than anything I had seen during my career in advertising. The experiences and learnings of this transformation process were what inspired the inception of CLEAR AS_*.


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