What This Program Does

  • I.

    Precisely map out the Desired Future State of any business organization with a proven step-by-step process. The results of this procedure form The Story Of Your Future.

  • II.

    Introduce and establish Reality Creation as an alternative approach in business development. This mindset work provides the required mental frame during and after the program.

  • III.

    Align clients with clarity about the future reality of their business. This mental cleansing process is a common and desired experience during the program.

How To Apply The Results

Autonomous vs Supportive Application

The result of the CLEAR AS_*Reality Creator provides clients with high-level clarity about the future of their business and an applicable, operational concept to create a bespoke reality.

The most common use cases for this program are:

1. Self-Administered Clarity For Small- & Medium-Sized Businesses

Most businesses are confused about their future. An increasingly technologically and environmentally challenged, fast-moving, fragmented and polarized society makes for seemingly more chaotic, intimidating and confusing conditions. This program aims to spark confidence by evoking clarity through a guided step-by-step mapping process. Businesses use the Story Of Your Future to evaluate and adjust internal procedures, products, processes and communications according to their results. 

The process of shifting the business from its current to its Desired Future State is organized autonomously and put into practice by the company itself.

2. Additive Substructure For External Consulting And Branding Services

Many service providers are specialists with a focus on operative measures but without any comprehensive procedure to map out a big-picture desired future for their clients. The CLEAR AS_*Reality Creator is designed to serve as an additive supporting tool to deliver the strategic substructure for many business consulting and branding related services. 

The process of shifting the business from its current to its Desired Future State is designed and carried out by the service provider with their respective programs and their client. 

"Before I started I was unsure of the direction I was going with my business. Now I have a clearly laid out plan to achieve my goals. What helped me the most was the fact that this program breaks down a huge, overwhelming project into bite-size pieces."

Natasha Currah, Bodies of Work


The Sequential Creation of The Story of Your Future

The CLEAR AS_* program is not a course. It is an applied mechanism to systematically extract relevant bits of information and arrange these mind-fragments in a purposeful manner to form a clear and precise model of an anticipated future reality. This model is called the Desired Future State and it provides the clarity and ingredients needed to transform a business or an organization into its desired future self. In addition to that, the program teaches reality creating principles and methodologies to help shape the transformation from current to future reality.

Read here why Reality Creation is inevitable, here about the science and principles behind this practice, and here how it is applied.


    This active stage uses Mind Picking, a simple question & answer process, to extract relevant thoughts and ideas.


    During this passive stage, Thought Weaving is applied to arrange the fragments collected during the extraction to form a coherent image of the future.


    This stage is the publication of your Story of The Future including a manual on how to create your own reality.


Collecting Relevance

During this phase, you will actively engage with the program. The 7 modules will first introduce you to the fundamentals of reality creation and then lead you through an easy to follow, step-by-step process to isolate your relevant thoughts and ideas. This first stage is self-paced and uses Mind Picking in order to collect only the most relevant information for the creation of your Desired Future State

Mind picking is a method that utilizes a simple question & answer sequence: clear questions prompt a relevant answer. The objective of this phase is to collect data and to stimulate clarity. You will find that surfacing answers to the right questions alone makes you more confident about the future of your business.


Putting Thoughts Into Context

This short, passive phase is our secret sauce. Thought Weaving is applied to the results from the extraction stage, interconnecting them to form comprehensible building blocks for your Desired Future State

Thought Weaving is the procedure of taking the collected mind-fragments and putting them into context in order to create purposeful and relevant content. These methods, Mind Picking and Thought Weaving, are used to stimulate your subconscious and help transmit thoughts and ideas to your conscious in order to surface tangible elements for each respective module.


The Story of Your Future

This is the beginning of the future of your business. The results of the CLEAR AS_* program are your guide to make the Desired Future State of your business a reality. Quite literally this manual contains instructions on how to use your results to create your desired reality. 

You will learn about the Principles of Reality Creation and how to apply them to your results: the framework of the Future / Reality Paradigm and the process of repetitive, sequential brand alignment. 

Use The Story of Your Future to alter reality for your business with your team or as a place to start your work with your brand & marketing agency or your business consultant.  


The Complete CLEAR AS_*Reality Creator Program



  • What is this program?

    The Story of Your Future is the result of a process during which you create a precise image of the ideal future for your business from your perspective. The CLEAR AS_* program prompts precise answers through simple questions which then get woven together to form a comprehensive story.

  • Why do I need this?

    You need The Story of Your Future if your business makes you anxious rather than happy. If the urgent tasks keep you from addressing the important ones and if your vision lines up in your head but you struggle to put it into clear words. You also need The Story of Your Future if you are working with a service provider such as a business consultant or a branding agency and they don’t have their own process in place to precisely outline the Desired Future State of your business.

  • What if I already work with a consultant or an agency?

    Brief your service providers. Many service providers such as business consultants, branding agencies or freelancers don’t have a process to get a clear & comprehensive picture of where you want to take your business. In such cases, the CLEAR AS_* program is a starting point of mutual understanding and a great addition to your consultant's individual projects.

  • Will this help my business?

    Align your stakeholders. A business must communicate with clarity: If your employees or sales partners are confused, your customers will be too. The Story of Your Future is a comprehensive outline of the Desired Future State of your business and helps you to make everyone around you understand what and how to communicate. You can answer this question by asking yourself how much confused customers are costing you.

  • How does this work?

    The CLEAR AS_* program is self-paced and semi-automated. That means that all modules can be completed on your time and when it’s most convenient for you. There is no interaction between you and us required, however, we do review individual responses in order to make sure you get the best results. Upon completion, we take your results and combine them individually and in person. Real people create The Story of Your Future, not an artificial algorithm.

  • Why is this so expensive?

    The CLEAR AS_* program is priced as a standalone alternative to comparable brand & business strategy programs for small and medium-sized enterprises. Such programs can run between $5,000.- to $20,000.- or more, depending on their scope. We wanted to create a tool that delivers better quality and predictable results with a format that inspires and motivates, for a price well below comparable alternatives. We urge you to ask yourself how much “not knowing” costs you.

  • What do I get?

    The two main things you get are: NUMBER 1: You get clarity. This is the number one benefit you will receive. It doesn’t sound like much, however, once you experience how quickly confusion and anxiety vanish when clear confidence sets in, you will understand why we call ourselves Corporate Alienists. NUMBER TWO: You get The Story of Your Future. This is the tangible result of taking the program. The Story of Your Future is a comprehensive guide that teaches you about reality creation, outlines the Desired Future State of your business and shows you how to make it a reality.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    We guarantee that we do our best to get you the results you expect. Having said that, sometimes certainty sets in during the process but your results may not leave you with the level of clarity and confidence that you hoped for. We understand the anxiety that comes with uncertainty and should your gut feeling about the results leave you wondering, you can get in touch within the first two weeks upon completion to repeat the program free of charge.


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